Moving WordPress From One Host To Another

Sometimes moving WordPress from one host to another looks mandatory because of not getting desired service and support quality we expect from the hosting provider. And, also it looks that migrating from one host to another is not an easy task, but surprisingly, it is!

I mean, it is not easy but it is not that hard too. It is more like copy-paste your files from one protected folder to another protected folder, but with some additional steps (which are not so hard as it seems). So, let’s take a look at how to migrate your WordPress website from one host to another.

1. Choosing Your New Host

Now, this can be a complicated decision and takes a lot of research but if you really are unhappy with the service you must switch the hosting. Some of the hostings I recommend is SiteGround, WP engine, and BlueHost. These are the names that are best for WordPress website.


  • SiteGround: SiteGround is best for you if you are just starting a WordPress blog. If your blog is at the initial stage and is not receiving much traffic then SiteGround is best for you.
  • WP Engine: WP engine gives an awesome service for hosting. With some standard packages, it gives daily website backups, high-level security, great customer support and site transfer with blog vault etc.
  • BlueHost: BlueHost is considered as the fasted growing hosting provider company right now. It has mainly focused the website owners who are using WordPress for their business. Whether you have an E-commerce site on WordPress or an informational blog, BlueHost hosts everything as fantastically ease.

2. Backing Up And Migrating Your Existing Files

Before you migrate your WordPress website from one hosting to another, be assured that you have bought the new hosting with having accesses to your login credentials of new name-servers. Another thing you should be check twice is your ‘BackUp’. Backup every element of your website on local storage before migrating to another hosting server.

Bonus Tip: “Keep backing up your website on regular basis to be on the safe side and you lose nothing.”


3. Connect To Your Site

Connecting your existing website with FTP will let you connect to your new server, all you need is your username and password that to connect. I prefer Filezilla for this process. Once you have connected successfully, you will see a bunch of files. Navigate to the public_html. This is where all your WordPress files are covered that. Now you can drag all your files to local storage so that it makes easy for you to ready to upload the theme to new hosting account.


4. Migrate Your Files To Your New Hosting Account

Now what you need to do is to log in to your new hosting account and navigate to Addon Domains. You have access to upload files now. Open up Filezilla but with the username and password of your new hosting account. After that when you’ll see it will be empty. Now open the folder with the WordPress files, select all of them and drag and drop them onto your new server. Keep in mind that you need to drop the files and not the folder. You have migrated to new hosting successfully. But, the procedure doesn’t end here. It’s time to migrate your WordPress database to the new server.


5. How To Move Your WordPress Database

This process has mainly 4 steps:

  • Find The Database
  • Creating a New WordPress database
  • Import your database
  • Update your WP configuration file.

Once you locate the database of your website, click on it select all and export it to your local desktop.

Before the site can actually work, you have to create a new database to connect it with your WordPress files. So, navigate to your cPanel and scroll down to ‘MYSQL Database Wizard’.

The data wizard will give you a walk through the entire process. Reassure to keep all your database information in a notepad document. Now, what you have to do is, login to your new hosting cPanel and go to the phpMyAdmin, click on import database, browse and locate the SQL file of the database you exported from your old hosting account and hit Go at the bottom of the page.

This will import all your database tables from your old hosting account.


All you need to do is to update the wp-config.php file you created on your new hosting account with the database information you imported.

You can get access to your wp-config.php file by going to ‘File Manager’ in your cPanel dashboard. Change your database name, username and password once done. Click save and your migration will be complete.

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