5 Common Blogging Mistakes Made by New Bloggers

Blogging world is evolving day by day and it has offered many of blogger popularity and fame. There are new bloggers joining each daydreaming about being popular and earning loads of money through it but many new bloggers usually do some mistakes.

So in this article, we have made a list of 5 common blogging mistakes made by new bloggers.

1. Not Being Original

Writing a blog and running it takes the mixture of creativity, strategy, and consistency. At first, writing a blog should more about creativity in writing and enjoying at first, money and rewards have to be secondary.

If your main motive is the second one, there are high chances that you won’t get it. One should do blogging truly and without plagiarism. Everyone has a different perspective and manner of writing and it suits them better than anyone else’s.


2. Irregular Uploading Intervals

Being irregular in updating blog is going to make your blog’s reputation more bad than good. It lets your audience feel that you aren’t interested and let me tell you, that’s not right! Of course, there will be moments when you will not be able to upload it, but frequent irregularity is a big NO when it comes to writing and running a blog.


3. Poor or Misleading Headlines

If your headline us unappealing to an audience, it won’t matter how amazing your content is, the person is less likely to even enter. Headlines are the thing that your readers will read first.

It is the thing that is standing just in the center of your content being read or being neglected. Your headiness has to be compulsorily amazing. Also, try to avoid click-baiting as it is only going to increase your website’s bounce rate that and more frustrated readers.


4. You Aren’t Optimizing For SEO

The universal rule for blogging is to write SEO friendly contents as search engines are from where specific audiences will come finding the answers when the question is compared to keywords. 

Every blog post should be researched before writing, that includes trending topics and highly searches keywords. Your blog post and plagiarism free content will get you ranking high and also way more relevant searches and audiences.

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5. Lack of Organization

This is an important point you should be taken care of while managing a blog. Depending on your personal desire, you should add the information and does and don’t of you to organize every single thing.

Start pre-planning the postings, meetings, and writing, and also the graphics image part to be ready in advance. Start writing, it makes your mind more aware of it. Keep organizing things and do the most productive work first.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this post and now you will keep in mind about these 5 Common blogging mistakes made by new bloggers. If there any questions running through the mind do mention it in the comment section below.

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