Checklist for Best WordPress Plugins for Modern Blogs

Modern day blogging has been changed vastly comparing to 5 years back. The technology usage have changed a lot and blogging is not just a hobby now, it is the source of income, great income too.

Blogs that we have a too much more than only a place to share ideas and news. It is now the place to communicate with visitors with a wide range of topics in a various ways such as Video tutorial, infographics, and slideshow too.

In this article, we are going to list the most essential types of plugins that should be used for modern blogs.

1. Sliders

Sliders are one of the most vital plugins that a blog needs. It does a great job in highlighting contents that you want, adds value to your site and enhances the look.

Avartan Slider is really a good pick as it is the slider that is designed for multipurpose. The plugin offers to add images and videos to it, It is responsive and mobile friendly and gives total customization settings. Avartan Slider can even provides amazing transitions such as 3D parallax and much more.


2. Contact forms

Contact forms are absolutely essential for any kind of blogs. To get the full details and increase the engagement with various ways with visitors. Contact Form 7 is being one of the most used WordPress plugin, which allows you to simply design your own forms for website and pages. The plugin offers a great range of customizable form layout that you can directly add to your site.


3. Analytics

Analytics is what each and every website needs to grow. It provides valuable data about the overall site performance and help to make visitor friendly decisions and posts.

Google Analytics WD is a perfect option to enable analytics and stats for your website. It gives you charts about all the users with deep details such as traffic sources, browsers to devices used on your site and many more. Moreover, it also gives information about Adsense, Adwords, and conversion on your site.


4. Optimization

Site optimization is now important and complicated as never before. Don’t worry if you’re not a techie, as Yoast SEO is the plugin is all you need. This plugin has been around for long.

Yoast SEO is the plugin that is most downloaded and most active installs in WordPress. It provides deep information about the optimization of your blog post with giving you facility of entering keywords, alt tags, meta descriptions, titles etc.

This plugin is extremely easy to use and also gives the snippet preview. Yoast SEO is the best plugin in WordPress history.


5. Backup

Backups are sought to be really complicated for blogs, no matter the size and its focus. UpdraftPlus makes the backups simple and quick and lets you store blog’s data in various cloud drives such as Dropbox, Google drive, OpenStack swift etc.

It also allows you to have manual backups and also automated backups that can automatically backs-up your website.


6. Performance and Protection

Performance and Protection both are really needed for a blog to run as for a long period. Everyone loves their blog as it is the output of your hard work. Jetpack is the plugin that performs best on your website’s performance. And Akismet plugin helps you to protect your site from malwares and spammers. These plugins are the best in their category and no other plugin is even near to them in the race.

Akismet monitors each and every comment on your blog and check it on its global network data, and if it tracks it as a spam, the comment will automatically be removed from your blog.

Jetpack comes with a bunch of various tools that is focused to enhance your site’s performance. Jetpack you can track your blog’s performance, promote your content, keep the audience engaged and advertise through it. Jetpack plugin is all in one plugin and users love it.


7. Social Sharing

Social sharing icons are must for each and every blog as the whole world is using at least one social media channel. Social Warfare is the plugin that you need. It gives your content the possibility of new heights. There are many different social icons to select the ideal one from, for your website.

The plugin supports all the top social platforms and comes with various styles of icons, and offers customizable features. Also, gives the option to enable share counts, which also attracts the call to action to users to share the viral posts.


So here are the most essential checklist for best WordPress plugins for modern blogs that you’ll have to be running on your site if you seeking a good future for your blog.

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