How To Launch A Self-hosted WordPress Blog in Few Minutes

How to launch a self-hosted WordPress blog in just a few minutes? Sounds partly impossible, right? But it’s not!

Blogging is becoming extremely helpful for each and every business. The world is changing real quick and drastically without you, and now its time to get a platform to announce your message.

Blogs are getting viewed by people every day and resources say that the number of audiences is more than 400+ million every month. That’s the only place where people are interacting. And thus, we are showing the 5 steps to make it possible in not more than 20 minutes. Incredible, isn’t it?

Step 1: Get A Hosting

A web host is where your website ‘stays’ in an online world. You have to pay a small fee like we use to pay tax to keep it online. There are many host providers but Bluehost is what we recommend and it is also recommended by WordPress itself.


Step 2: Register A domain

Now its time to give a name to your business. It’s more like naming ceremony. Get a domain (eg: from Bluehost itself that provides this service as free with a hosting pack. If you already have a domain through another service, don’t worry, you can even transfer your domain registration or can point your domain name servers to the host.


Step 3: Install WordPress

Now you have a domain and hosting, you have to install WordPress on your site that’s really quick and easier than any other of the framework. It can be installed from the CPanel of the hosting itself, or else you can even download it from, official website, and then upload it to the host.


{Just a reminder, and are different platforms. is the framework that you install on your website and is the platform that let you sign up to get a free blog.}

Step 4: Get A Theme

Once you are done with installing WordPress, you will get the access to the giant collection of themes, mostly free (Paid themes are available too). We recommend themes ‘Twenty Seventeen‘ to the beginners, as it is damn easy to manage and it is a simple and beautiful theme. And for amateur bloggers, we strongly recommend ‘Bloggers‘ that is available in lite and pro versions.


Step 5: Login and Start Blogging

You are almost done now. Now all you have to do is log in to your account and start writing. The login to the admin panel always is like After you get it to the admin panel, you will able to see ‘Posts’ on the left-hand side, ‘Add New’ and start blogging!


Now, you will believe about to launch a self-hosted WordPress blog in few minutes. These 5 simple steps can open the door to many unlimited online possibilities to you. So, don’t stay here and start blogging!

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